Today we bring you the exercises are not simple, but … sexual. Yes, do not be surprised. Oddly, but sex is still the leader among the most unknown man of science. It is ridiculous to say, but, here, for example, biceps and triceps move we have already learned, but of the muscles needed for ideal sex, forgotten. In this case there is a special method that will teach you to control the body perfectly. Spend a little time to exercise, and rest assured that soon you will hear from their favorite: “You – the perfect lover in the world!” Incidentally, these exercises are performed incomparable Marilyn Monroe. It will help you to improve your sexual life, increase potency and get really long lasting erection.

The first stage

� 1.
First, perform an exercise while lying on his stomach on a flat surface. When the master principles, then you can do it sitting at a desk or even while traveling in the subway.
1. Lie down on the floor on his stomach, his arms folded in the face, forehead upris them.
2.Compress buttocks – as much as you can. Keep them in a state of stress of 5-10 seconds, then relax.
3. After 10 approaches Plug-abdominal muscles – the tension of together with the breech, then the effect will be even greater. Ideal – 5-10 exercises per day.

� 2.
When the execution of the first exercises will be basic and you can do it in any situation, the transition to training internal muscles.
Strained and relaxes the pelvic floor muscles as if trying to hold her urine. Perform this exercise can be everywhere, the more often – the better.

� 3.
To perform the exercise was easier, sit down at a chair with a tilted back so you can see the abdominal muscles. Pull the stomach and see what voltage power gives the best result – a smooth, flat stomach without the ‘bumps’ muscles. Got it? Try to remember the feeling & trains ‘blind’. And now the main thing: do all three exercises at the same time – you would not believe how much change your idea about the possibilities of your body!

� 4.
1. Lie down on the floor face down, hands Stretch your body along.
2. Straining your back muscles, raise your body and her head tilted way back, to see ceiling.
3. Slowly lowered.
Performing the exercises 3 times in a row, you’ll get incredible flexibility of the body.

Second stage

� 1.
1. , Sit on the floor and legs extended, hands on knees.
3. Alternately, strained buttocks to use them to move forward on the floor. Moving slightly bent knees, but straighten them before each stress.
This exercise is effective not only for strengthening muscles, but also to reduce the size of the hips and buttocks.

� 2.
1. The initial standing position, feet shoulder width apart, focus on the heel.
2. Rotate toes looking inward, and then in the opposite direction. Make seven movements (back and forth).
3. Then shift the weight on your toes and rotate the heel inward, and then in the opposite direction. Make seven movements.
This exercise may seem strange, but rotating foot muscles are strengthened inside of the thighs – she realize how important that is!

� 3.
1. Stand up against the wall, heels, buttocks and back should touch the surface. Relax your body, especially the gluteal muscles.
2 Squeeze buttocks, abdomen Pull so that the pelvis as if ‘protruded’ forward and pulled away from the wall.
3. Fix position for 5-10 seconds and return to the starting position.
Repeat three times.

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